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2019 Toyota Innova Specs and Release Date

2019 Toyota Innova Specs and Release Date – The 2019 Toyota Innova is a multi-purpose auto, mentioned for being showcased in the course of 2019 at the Auto Expo in India. It will characteristic quite a few style and design & engine updates. It is going to be the sixth-generation model and is expected for being released in late 2019. The MPV will be an improvement of the previous model, where certain features are expected for being added, while others are expected to generally be improved, making the car elegant, comfortable and classy.

Toyota Innova 2019 image

According to our sources, the engine of the 2019 Toyota Innova will be a 2.0-liter shutoff engine and it is going to have a four-speed automatic as the standard transmission. This engine will be generating about 182 Nm of torque and 136 hp. One rumor suggests that an optional transmission will be a 5-speed manual.

Other rumor claims that the car will get an optional diesel engine where it will eventually have the capacity of 2.5 liters. This will have the option of being combined with an automatic gearbox. The engine will have the ability to produce 144 horsepower and 260 Nm of torque. This makes this improved engine more powerful in terms of performance and efficiency compared to the engines of the previous models.

Toyota Innova 2019 interior

The exterior structure of the upcoming 2019 Toyota Innova is also expected to be upgraded where the car will have a new trapezoidal chrome grille. It will eventually also have housed fog lamps to get used when there is a fog, while the the bumper will be improved, making the front end more appealing. The headlights will be larger.

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The rear part of the Innova will have more chrome lining around the area where the number plates will be placed. The taillights will also be surrounded by a larger chrome bar consequently making this car more attractive. However, despite the improvements on the car’s exterior, it is going to still have that signature look.

Toyota Innova 2019 photo

Unfortunately, there are no spy shots of the car’s interior. Inside, the 2019 Toyota Innova is expected to be more spacious than the earlier models. The word is that the seats will be made more comfortable both for the driver and the passengers. This will be achieved by addition of better textiles, which will be both soft and easy to clean.

There will also be a brand-new infotainment system with a touch-screen, to ensure those using this car will be optimally entertained. The dashboard is also expected to be further upgraded where various controls will be easier to reach. Safety will be enhanced as well, with the addition of lateral security air bags, amongst other safety features.

Toyota has decided to put the price of this new model slightly higher than the prices of the previous models. This is primarily attributed to the fact that this new model has more added features, which makes it better.

However, Toyota fans and especially Innova fans don’t have to worry, since the disparity in prices is expected to become small. Therefore, people who love elegance, ample space and a powerful engine are eagerly anticipating the release of this auto, so that they can enjoy the various features that are incorporated.

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Like I already mentioned, the new 2019 Toyota Innova is expected to make a debut next year at the 2019 India Auto Expo. It will eventually be available in Asian countries by the end of 2019 or in early 2019, mostly in India, Indonesia, Philippines, Japan, Thailand and Vietnam.